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" I love moshi monsters its so cool i am on it now on another tab infact lol.I collect loads of moshi monster stuff from the monthly mag 2 the mash up cards and stickers and also the books oh add me on x0cookiemonkey0x i am a member too."


" i love moshi monsters alot i go on it every day all day long lol! "


" " I LOVE MOSHI MONSTERS!!! There are always new things to do! It is fun and its a great way to spend time! I am on level 30 and have 54 moshlings and have 5 floors!"

by:Mr Bean


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moms and dads

Moshi Monsters is a new online game for Kids, it's similar to those digital pets people used to have, however they can actually do activities. Moshi Monsters have a home in an online society which exists on your computer system, there are plenty of distinctive Moshi Monsters and kids can select the one that they would like to look after.

This particular Moshi Monster will then become their very own pet monster. Each of the Moshi Monsters have a home in Monstro City; this is where youngsters are able to develop a residential home for their own Moshi Monster. 'Users' may also enjoy online games with each other, meet up with some other kids and show-off their own Moshi Monster to their friends. It's similar to a tamogotchi but with social networking and you'll be glad to know, will not simply beep constantly. Moshi Monsters has been produced with the purpose of becoming an entertaining and secure environment for kids to spend time playing in.

Moreover it is additionally a learning and educational online game, that is definitely fantastic fun for every childrens' age group. A youngster who frequents the website are able to adopt aMoshi Monster; they're able to provide it an adorable name as well as design and style the colours of their Moshi Monster. Each and every Moshi Monster is unique and possesses a distinct individuality, the more often that you play with your monster, the more its persona will develop. Being competitive and resolving puzzles will mean that you earn virtual money, the currency of Moshi Monsters is Rox. You'll be able to spend Rox to purchase items from the online store. There are several social networking functions built into Moshi Monsters such as blogs, and pin boards.

moms and dads

You can make Rox, the Moshi money, by doing puzzles and quizzes. Greater success means more Rox you will have to pay for great toys and goodies for your pet Moshi Monster!


Moshlings are cool little pets for your pet! These weird and wacky critters wander around, but can be tempted to your Moshi Monsters home by planting the suitable seeds in the garden.


The Moshi types you are able to adopt include Katsumas, Poppets, Luvlis, Zommers, Diavlos, and Furis. Every one has their own persona, and the more you play with them, the more they change.


The very best Moshi Monsters users have transformed their pets into totally neat and unique monsters, there are frequent contests to determine who's got the very best monsters.

Come on all you Moshi Monsters go to the Moshi Monsters Sign In and let the fun begin!